Welcome to soscafe...

Welcome to soscafe...
There are no regrets in life, just lessons...so enjoy learning!

People say that you're going the wrong way when its simply a way of your own...

Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place...
And then you stop expecting for the unexpected!

I always think, There must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming famous and successful.But I'm not going to worry about them.
Im dreaming the hardest!
-Marlyn Monroe

Monday, August 4, 2008

"So many roads.So many detours.So many choices. So many mistakes.”such is life...

Sue, Jane, Pam and Jo never imagined their best friend Mindy was getting married.
It was a Perfect wedding, with horses and doves and lilies and diamonds…. It included everything Mindy always dreamed of…It was Magical!
Everyone believed; Al and Mindy were an ideal match! It was the most Romantic Arranged Marriage anyone had witnessed!
6 months later, the 4 friends met at their usual coffee place to discuss work, stress, life and most importantly…Mindy. Pam had received an email from her which read- She was coming back to India next week. The girls were excited. They planned a visit to Mindy’s house the very next day she arrived.

The anticipation on their faces was completely flushed out when they saw Mindy open the door for them. She had returned…alone!
The bond of Friendship spoke for itself and they all broke down.
Perception creates a wall between reality and the mind. Everything seemed so wonderful and perfect in the beginning, but something went wrong somewhere and the magical world collapsed.

During her dull days, when her family too couldn’t take her side, Jo, Pam, Sue, and Jane made sure Mindy was not alone. They did not question her nor did they try to find out what really happened. They just believed in her decision and supported her throughout.
Experiences, good or bad, make a person strong… to face reality, to believe in one’s decision, to fight the world. It helps one realize, the life he led till now was a farce… and circumstances make him think for the first time…. for himself!
Mindy’s decision to live alone, away from family… was very much her own! Her friends did not agree with her... considering her secure, protected background and adjusting to the ‘struggle’ in real life! People had something new to talk about. But Mindy has made up her mind!
It was difficult in the beginning, but as time passed by, Mindy’s individuality grew positively stronger. She was much happier now and she learnt to enjoy her solitude. Career interests blossomed. And Mindy began to lead life…her way!
Freedom is not always harmful. It can make a person optimistic and blissful. Sue, Jo, Pam, Jane and Mindy led a perfectly balanced career and social life. Their bond grew thicker with time. Circumstances brought them much closer as friends. One quiet Sunday over coffee they discussed where life had brought them. In their Mid-Thirties now- they had loads of experiences and several unanswered questions. Such is life…they agreed… a gift wrapped package from God with a few showers of bliss, a handful of worries, a few exciting moments of pleasure, and an anxiety to know what the future hold for you….Such is life!
Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate as we drive along this road called life... occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens... she has to buckle up and just keep going.