Welcome to soscafe...

Welcome to soscafe...
There are no regrets in life, just lessons...so enjoy learning!

People say that you're going the wrong way when its simply a way of your own...

Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place...
And then you stop expecting for the unexpected!

I always think, There must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming famous and successful.But I'm not going to worry about them.
Im dreaming the hardest!
-Marlyn Monroe

Saturday, December 13, 2008

That FuNnY thing called LoVe!!!!

She stood at the window resting her front paws on the sill and watched the world outside. She led an ideal life which any mutt would only dream of. Her master had named her Scarlett –. Inspired, of course, from the very famous Scarlett O’ Hara. Well, Scarlett was very much like her…pampered, spoilt, loved!!! Scarlett, an attractive golden retriever, did things her way. She would only eat what was served to her in her silver plate and drank the best Soya milk brought home especially for her! In short…she led a life of a princess! Her family loved her and she loved them. Everyday post lunch, Scarlett relaxed at her balcony window. She would watch a bird fly by, the watchman stop a tramp at the main gate, a familiar car drive in… Scarlett spent a lazy and carefree afternoon every single day! She never thought life would be any different from this until that magical Sunday afternoon.
A truck overflowing with house goods parked itself outside the building opposite Scarlett’s. Furniture, bags, house supplies/electronics were being off-loaded and taken into the opposite building. Scarlett’s master and his wife watched from their window: - “A new resident! “, one said. It did not make a difference to Scarlett until she saw the new family get off from their car. A family of four- Husband, Wife and 2 kids…..and a youthful, good-looking, tall German shepherd. Scarlett wagged her tail in enthusiasm and barked piercingly. The German shepherd looked up at her and responded.
It was love at first sight! Scarlett had no idea what was going on within her! She waited every afternoon, now, when her master would open the balcony door for her and she would rest her paws on the window sill and gaze in the direction of the opposite building balcony. Elvis (the German shepherd), was going through the same emotions. THEY WERE IN LOVE!
Days passed by. Scarlett and Elvis reciprocated their feelings to each other through gestures, barks, and sometimes… just eye contact! They dreamed of their future together…running around in the meadow on quite Sunday afternoons, free from barriers of breeds, humans and especially concrete buildings…
Their love grew thicker and their respective families became aware of this. They smiled in amusement and discussed their ‘cute’ behaviour! Elvis and Scarlett were happy with their family responses.
A year went by. Elvis’s master was transferred to another city! It was time to leave…
The couple was unaware of the consequences. Elvis realised the day bags were being packed. He ran to his window and let out a painful howl! Scarlett was heartbroken. She could not believe it! The two looked at each other through the balcony banister. Their love story was going to end!
Scarlett watched the loaded truck drive out of the main gate. The car followed.
Elvis looked up at her through the rear car window. A tear twinkled in his eye.
Scarlett watched from her balcony….raised her paw from the sill… Almost to say Good bye forever!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Wounded hearts recall tiny town memories!

“Platform No. 2 par aai hui local 5:34 minute ki Andheri jaane wali dheemi local hai. Yeh local sabhi sthanakopar rukegi.”
A muffled voice echoed in our minds as we watched the Breaking News scrolls flash on our TV screens- “Terror, Firing at CST station! Blood Shed, Terrorist attack, CITY on Red Alert!”
Memories shared together for years as students, friends, citizens bounced back as we saw our beautiful city fall apart.
CST station, a place we were so familiar with … It was hard to believe!
After college we would hop into the first class compartment giggling, gossiping when suddenly one of us would run out of the train, seconds before it started, and buy a parleG and maaza from the cold-drinkwala stall on platform 1.

We always had our ways to kill time until our Andheri local arrived! We often clustered around that jazzy and noisy weighing machine at the entrance which generated “a picture of an outdated actor/actress along with one’s fortune for the day and weight!” An ‘all in one’ brown cardboard ticket! One of us would always pick up a mid-day at the newspaper stall and all would huddle around it to solve crosswords together on the way back home.
These tiny moments flash before our glum faces today as we see our very own cold-drinkwala stall blown apart. All there is left is a broken blood stained board which reads:- “BISKUT- Rs. 10/-“, A silent weighing machine with its immobile colourwheel now generating a cry for help and a tired newspaper stall displaying mid-days with headlines:- Terror attack aftermath!

A movie at Metro, Eros or Sterling and a few hours at Mondy’s or leo’s (that’s usually what the town teens call it), discussing how good or bad it was common for all. Café Leopold, A rustic irani style resto-bar-café where people met to discuss work, celebrate bdays, chat…or most of the times just Chill… today stands still, lifeless, traumatized and still recovering!

Each felt a sentiment of pride to see The Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel stand confidently by the shore.
We frequently visited the grand hotel after college hours…its restrooms, bookshops. We sat at the coffee shop for hours gossiping, making ambitious plans, and vowing never to break this bond of friendship…We felt so secure within its antique structure, like we almost owned it!
A shiver runs down our spines to now see a faceless, dejected, raped city, still trying to recover from the abuse it went through on the 26th of November 2008 for 60 long hours…
For a moment, we all went through numerous mixed, muffled emotions of being cheated,angry, depressed, and agitated but at the same time numb to India's worst nightmare !!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

LIFE IS.....

Life is: An evening, group of friends, Mild rain, Chilled Beer.
Life is: Sunday afternoon, a cricket match, friends cheering.

Life is: Loud music, a car stuffed with 6 goons, an open road.

Life is: that first job interview, cold feet, encouragement from buddies.

Life is: a favourite song, one common dance move, a night to remember.

Life is: that depressing birthday, a couple of tequila shots, pep talks.

Life is: Maggi noodles, a friend’s apartment, 3 a.m., endless talks

Life is:

hundred calls,

thousand arguments,

a trek is planned.

Life is:

rigorous practice sessions,

creative differences,

a successful event.

Life is:

friend visits,

ambitious plans,

a reason to celebrate.

Life is:

a friend’s farewell,

laughs and cries,

hugs and kisses.

Life is: old friends, separate cities, our memories.

Life is: us friends

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Happy God Forgives U!

Setting up the “Makhar” is the plan of action, a week before Ganesh Chaturthi. Families, friends, decoration, colourful flowers, invitations, assorted sweets and loads and loads of positive energy together welcome our very own- Happy GOD! Yes… that’s what I call Him. He comes into our homes every year bringing in sheer happiness, a feeling of unity and pride.
Like individual families, most residential colonies in cities too have been bringing in their Happy God as a tradition for decades.
Some welcome their Idol in their colony common hall. Kids decorate His home with love and their aartis have a special enthusiasm in them. Different families come together and join hands before their deity- he is a friend to some, also an adviser, a listener, a father and a teacher. Everyone sings in sync and claps loudly expressing their affection towards Him…the aroma of the essence-sticks and the lip-smacking modaks transmit a sense of patriotism and pride into each one. The whole experience is mesmerizing.
It’s such a graceful and motivating festival. Like every year, this year too a bunch of colony kids worked day and night to set up a Makhar for their Idol this September.
‘It has to be different this time! ‘, they announced. They had watched their seniors assemble beautiful, creative pieces of art every year and this year they had to prove themselves capable to carry forward this tradition. Some thought of abstract concepts, some had artistic themes to share. Ten boys and girls collectively bought a variety of papers, paints, brushes, material and began work on their 2008 masterpiece.
A week later, they had created something breathtakingly beautiful. After loads of arguments and difference in opinions they surely made something to be proud of. A senior walked in and tapped on one of their shoulders- ‘Well done’, he said. The young bunch was overjoyed. The creation was a success. Now they waited to welcome their Friend the next day.

The colony secretary along with the committee members bring in the idol every year. The idol is brought into the colony office, a day before and welcomed into the Makhar on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi.
Early morning the lively group was ready in their traditional attire to welcome their Friend. People from the colony gathered. Some met after a long time. They hugged and updated each other with the latest gossips. Women dressed in attractive saris and men wore colourful kurtas. The entire ambiance was energetic. Our young group waited in anticipation for praises. All entered the hall with excitement and stopped. The beautifully lit up Makhar was empty. Everyone was shocked. The watchman was questioned,’ Arre, office mein murti hai woh bahar kaun nahi laya… chalo jao office kholo… “The watchman answered- Office mein Murti nahi hai saab. Kal koi nahi laya ganpati, saab!”
One of the residents called out to the secretary. All the residents stood before the committee. They had to give an appropriate reason for this carelessness. The secretary explained with a lot of vengeance… “Since you all agreed at our annual meet last week, that we are not doing a good job looking after our colony and you all feel that you can be a better authority, I suggest you should start now. Things like these are taken for granted. So if you feel we cannot deliver- we have decided to resign.”
The residents were astounded. Kids were heart broken. There was silence on this joyous occasion.
Sometimes ego clashes can make a person forget what he is actually doing. A simple issue could affect religious sensibilities.
Evidently, everything went well this year. An old resident of the colony welcomed their Happy God… The kids were appreciated for their effort. There were the modaks, the essence sticks, the colourful flowers… but the spirit, the unity, and the pride had diminished! Certainly, the loud aarti echoed into every home…but this time with an added effort- maybe to hide that feeling of embarrassment from the one who was still smiling at them all- My Happy God!

Monday, August 4, 2008

"So many roads.So many detours.So many choices. So many mistakes.”such is life...

Sue, Jane, Pam and Jo never imagined their best friend Mindy was getting married.
It was a Perfect wedding, with horses and doves and lilies and diamonds…. It included everything Mindy always dreamed of…It was Magical!
Everyone believed; Al and Mindy were an ideal match! It was the most Romantic Arranged Marriage anyone had witnessed!
6 months later, the 4 friends met at their usual coffee place to discuss work, stress, life and most importantly…Mindy. Pam had received an email from her which read- She was coming back to India next week. The girls were excited. They planned a visit to Mindy’s house the very next day she arrived.

The anticipation on their faces was completely flushed out when they saw Mindy open the door for them. She had returned…alone!
The bond of Friendship spoke for itself and they all broke down.
Perception creates a wall between reality and the mind. Everything seemed so wonderful and perfect in the beginning, but something went wrong somewhere and the magical world collapsed.

During her dull days, when her family too couldn’t take her side, Jo, Pam, Sue, and Jane made sure Mindy was not alone. They did not question her nor did they try to find out what really happened. They just believed in her decision and supported her throughout.
Experiences, good or bad, make a person strong… to face reality, to believe in one’s decision, to fight the world. It helps one realize, the life he led till now was a farce… and circumstances make him think for the first time…. for himself!
Mindy’s decision to live alone, away from family… was very much her own! Her friends did not agree with her... considering her secure, protected background and adjusting to the ‘struggle’ in real life! People had something new to talk about. But Mindy has made up her mind!
It was difficult in the beginning, but as time passed by, Mindy’s individuality grew positively stronger. She was much happier now and she learnt to enjoy her solitude. Career interests blossomed. And Mindy began to lead life…her way!
Freedom is not always harmful. It can make a person optimistic and blissful. Sue, Jo, Pam, Jane and Mindy led a perfectly balanced career and social life. Their bond grew thicker with time. Circumstances brought them much closer as friends. One quiet Sunday over coffee they discussed where life had brought them. In their Mid-Thirties now- they had loads of experiences and several unanswered questions. Such is life…they agreed… a gift wrapped package from God with a few showers of bliss, a handful of worries, a few exciting moments of pleasure, and an anxiety to know what the future hold for you….Such is life!
Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate as we drive along this road called life... occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens... she has to buckle up and just keep going.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

That Katta group!

“Its funny how, every single day for 21 yrs, whenever we meet, we have a whole new series of topics to talk about and at that moment we realize an evening is not enough...
I LOVE US!”--- Soha

Growing up in a huge middle class colony has its own advantages. Here there is no time to be alone… no time to get bored!! In short, there is never a dull evening!
From the age of 6 yrs or even before that… we, a mixed bag of 5-7 boys and 6 girls, spent every single evening together…playing hide and seek, chor police, dumb charades…etc…and later, table tennis, carom, cricket, thro’ ball(I still hate that game!) and many such innovative and interesting games!!! Most of these evenings included fights, bruising the knee or an elbow, group politics, howling, screaming, bitching…. But that was the best part of the day for us! A few hours with friends whom we knew so well…we all were almost a family!

Years passed by and we realized we all were growing up….very fast!! Responsibilities increased, career goals widened…and we could not spend those few valuable hrs with each other everyday now… But sitting down on the katta had become a habit! It was almost a compulsive disorder…Discussions of work, life, college, love everything was important at that time… Circumstances changed and some of us moved away, some had no time to hang out…and most of us waited for that Sunday when we all would meet again!
Yes…we had grown up!!!

Looking back, I can only see…

Happiness, unity, and love….This is the power of the bond we share… We were made to play together as kids, but we chose to stick together as Best friends to share our happiest moments with each other and to comfort us in our 'worst' crisis....

And as jasso rightly quoted- “Friendship is the most genuine relationship……no obligations…no formalities….NOTHING at all.
Its only about being URSELF with the ones u r most comfortable with. and as divij will say,' this needs to go into the books...’ sawaal!
Cheers to us… So, Mamty, Jasso, Anshul, Maddy, Nissu, Ak, Div, Divyang, Gaurav, Maanjo, Uru, Joj, Aniket, kunal… n the list continues…

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to SOS CAFE!

I confess...Im a crab! Yes...i dont easliy share my thoughts with everyone. My friends often tell me i'm good at giving advice, solving their problems..etc,etc... Maybe that's why i call myself the SO'S Cafe! LOL... I like taking credit for things i am good at.
Anyway, let me assure u..this blog is not going to be about 'U' or 'Ur' so called problems...nor am i going to bore u with my troubles...This will be fun, creative, exciting, inspiring just like me! LOL.... as i told u I like taking credit for things i am good at....so explore n enjoy...

welcome to SOS CAFE!