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Welcome to soscafe...
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Happy God Forgives U!

Setting up the “Makhar” is the plan of action, a week before Ganesh Chaturthi. Families, friends, decoration, colourful flowers, invitations, assorted sweets and loads and loads of positive energy together welcome our very own- Happy GOD! Yes… that’s what I call Him. He comes into our homes every year bringing in sheer happiness, a feeling of unity and pride.
Like individual families, most residential colonies in cities too have been bringing in their Happy God as a tradition for decades.
Some welcome their Idol in their colony common hall. Kids decorate His home with love and their aartis have a special enthusiasm in them. Different families come together and join hands before their deity- he is a friend to some, also an adviser, a listener, a father and a teacher. Everyone sings in sync and claps loudly expressing their affection towards Him…the aroma of the essence-sticks and the lip-smacking modaks transmit a sense of patriotism and pride into each one. The whole experience is mesmerizing.
It’s such a graceful and motivating festival. Like every year, this year too a bunch of colony kids worked day and night to set up a Makhar for their Idol this September.
‘It has to be different this time! ‘, they announced. They had watched their seniors assemble beautiful, creative pieces of art every year and this year they had to prove themselves capable to carry forward this tradition. Some thought of abstract concepts, some had artistic themes to share. Ten boys and girls collectively bought a variety of papers, paints, brushes, material and began work on their 2008 masterpiece.
A week later, they had created something breathtakingly beautiful. After loads of arguments and difference in opinions they surely made something to be proud of. A senior walked in and tapped on one of their shoulders- ‘Well done’, he said. The young bunch was overjoyed. The creation was a success. Now they waited to welcome their Friend the next day.

The colony secretary along with the committee members bring in the idol every year. The idol is brought into the colony office, a day before and welcomed into the Makhar on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi.
Early morning the lively group was ready in their traditional attire to welcome their Friend. People from the colony gathered. Some met after a long time. They hugged and updated each other with the latest gossips. Women dressed in attractive saris and men wore colourful kurtas. The entire ambiance was energetic. Our young group waited in anticipation for praises. All entered the hall with excitement and stopped. The beautifully lit up Makhar was empty. Everyone was shocked. The watchman was questioned,’ Arre, office mein murti hai woh bahar kaun nahi laya… chalo jao office kholo… “The watchman answered- Office mein Murti nahi hai saab. Kal koi nahi laya ganpati, saab!”
One of the residents called out to the secretary. All the residents stood before the committee. They had to give an appropriate reason for this carelessness. The secretary explained with a lot of vengeance… “Since you all agreed at our annual meet last week, that we are not doing a good job looking after our colony and you all feel that you can be a better authority, I suggest you should start now. Things like these are taken for granted. So if you feel we cannot deliver- we have decided to resign.”
The residents were astounded. Kids were heart broken. There was silence on this joyous occasion.
Sometimes ego clashes can make a person forget what he is actually doing. A simple issue could affect religious sensibilities.
Evidently, everything went well this year. An old resident of the colony welcomed their Happy God… The kids were appreciated for their effort. There were the modaks, the essence sticks, the colourful flowers… but the spirit, the unity, and the pride had diminished! Certainly, the loud aarti echoed into every home…but this time with an added effort- maybe to hide that feeling of embarrassment from the one who was still smiling at them all- My Happy God!

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curry said...

How sweet! Nice stuff in here...

Ganpu Bapudieee as i call him, he really rocks! N this month of september is so speacial for all of us na? excitement and enthusiam at its fullest!

Go on SO...u doin great ;)