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Welcome to soscafe...
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Im dreaming the hardest!
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A 'SILKY' OVERDOSE! A disappointing Dirty Picture!

All through November, a lot was heard and written about this so called 'entertaining sizzling package' ! Must say, a well marketed, promising Balaji product which assured to shock the audiences soon! The curiosity bubble burst today when I finally saw this much awaited 'silky' overdose!
A poor adaption of a 'Madhur Bhandarkar' genre which lacked the most important ingredients which make a Madhur Bhandarkar film 'Madhur' .....the important ingredients being, Character Graph, sensitivity and Depth!
The Dirty Picture missed out on these! When a biopic tale is told, the least one can expect from it is honesty.
Sluggish story/screenplay writing and a few miscast (especially Tushhar Kapoor) brought in monotony which translated to boredom.
The film begins with a narrative from one of the characters in the film (Imran Hashmi- at least bearable) about Silk (Vidya Balan) and her dream to become a star, but this later changes into a messy plot revolving around Silk's affairs/addictions/excessive smoking habit; leaving behind her turmoil and desperation!
One waits for a journey of Reshma to Silk; the rising star to Silk; the diminishing star.... but gets only Vidya putting it all out there, literally, and being content in what she has delivered to her role! A bold role to accept, I agree, but if done with a little more conviction, detailing of internal character rather than the external, would have sizzled the screen most definitely!
The Media overdose of clever reviews and perfect marketing left the audience confused. Most of this confused lot believes that what they saw was a Bold actor, a gutsy attempt and a great effort put in by her to gain weight for a role!!!!
Cleverly concealing a superficial performance, shabby narrative and cocky dialogue delivery; The Dirty Picture parks itself in the 'good films' category by the audiences!

The only thing I am happy about is that my opinion about  Vidya Balan as an actor still remains the same!
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